​​​​​Family and Life has kept me busy out of state.
I plan to return to NYC in November.

I will not be getting a studio in Manhattan.

Rather I will do out calls/hotels and set up a studio in Brooklyn.


Email me at:


 I only communicate via email.

​"HydroMadam has always been known as NYC's foremost 

"Domestic Disciplinarian"  ​as many a sore backside and full bottom can attest to" ​

Have you been naughty?

Do you need and deserve a warm internal cleansing?

Perhaps, have your pants pulled down &  lovingly be pulled across the lap of an older woman for a sound spanking before the proceeding begins?

What magic person started you on your never ending quest for the perfect E-experience?

​A neighbor? A nurse? A nanny?

What you need is a mature, understanding woman.

You need, HydroMadam.

I am an experienced Enurse and Domestic Disciplinarian. 

I've been in practice since 1994.

I love doing what I do. 




Enema & Spanking Stories