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      Kind Remarks

   Kind Remarks for Hydromadam/Mrs.G

Mrs. Genevive: Thank you so much for the wonderful time we spent together recently. Even though I had not seen you  in quite a while, you treated me as if we had just had dinner the night before. I began to"tingle" the moment you put me across your lap, pulled down my underpants and took my temperature, followed by a series of well deserved spankings for being a naughty boy and holding back. And then came the enemas...Oh, those enemas!!.You have not lost your touch and believe me I continued to "tingle" throughout the cleansing session,. You certainly got to the bottom of my problem! 

You played the part of my former governess perfectly, right down to your outfit, and as usual you were very kind and helped me to experience my deepest fantasies. I look forward to seeing you again when things start to back up on me again.  You are wonderful!!
This was my first visit with Mrs.G, or really any caregiver.  
I was REALLY nervous. 
When I arrived, She had me sit down and talk for a bit to get me to relax enough that I could enjoy the time. 
She is wonderful at that and it wasn't long before I was ready to start.  
Mrs.G really loves what she does and it shows.  
I did get a well deserved spanking, and look forward to another even harder one, next time.
She is an expert with the enema nozzle and made sure I was nice & cleaned out, before diapering me and dressing me for story time.
The bubble bath is not something I would have thought of but She seemed to know what I would enjoy, almost better than myself.
Over all I felt very comforable with Mrs.G and would recommend anyone who is thinking about a visit
to go ahead and do it.
You may end up with a very red butt, but the experience was great.
I am really glad I did, and hope to be able to visit soon again.
AB k


It felt so great.   
Thank you for that wonderful cleansing, they really cleared me out!

I visited you several weeks ago, and never wrote to thank you for the wonderful session.
It was certainly great to begin my workday after seeing you. I still continue to be intrigued by medically themed scenarios, that all end the same way *grin*, with one of your toys deep inside me. Maybe in our next session, you can wear a surgical mask. If it's not uncomfortable, of course. Perhaps you can also pretend to administer a sedative. I don't know, I'm just throwing ideas around. Anyway, I hope all is well, and I hope to see you again in the near future.
Dear Warden Genevive:
Thank you for making a strong "impression" on me.
I am still feeling the effects, I believe it was the most vigorous paddling you have administered to date. I hope I did not dissapoint.
I shall endavour to do better next time and take 18 or more good ones from the "Mrs Genevive" paddle, the one I fear the most !!!!!!!!
Thank you as always
Kind Regards, 

Hi Mrs. Genevive,
I want to thank you for another great session. 
Mrs. Genevive,
This is **** from Michigan.
I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience I had.
I could not have asked for a better session.
You listened to my ideas for the session and went with them intuitively.
I liked your demeanor, not overly strict, but more like a domestic situation might have been. I liked the foray into the enema world. It was done very sensually. The temperature taking and anal exam was something I had fantasized about for some time. No one else has ever done all the things you did in one session.
I hope to come out in the fall or winter.
Just a few lines to reinforce what I told you yesterday.
I had a great time.
It was everything I had hoped it would be and I look forward to our next time together.
Mrs. Genevive,
Thank you again for the wonderful session yesterday.
Your motherly, yet no-nonsense way of punishing is most effective, and your manner of spanking over the center of the bottom, across the cleft, is still making me reminisce.
I do feel it when I sit.
Dear Nurse Genevive,
          I'm just writing to tell you what a memorable visit I had with you yesterday.  I'm very glad that the doctor couldn't make it, and that you had to "treat" me.  I only hope that my health insurance will cover this consultation.  Even as I write this, my mind wanders off to our sensual and kinky encounter, and I hope that I will be able to experience it again very soon.
With Warm Regards, N

To: HydroMadam
That was absolutely incredible!!!!!
Thank you
PS if you care at anytime to send an email to this address reminding me to take an enema or whatever please feel free.
See you again soon!
Just wanted to say THANK YOU, I enjoyed myself very
much and you are a pleasure to be with... Be well and
I'll see you again soon
Subj:    HELLO     To:    HydroMadam    
just writing to let you know i had a great time yesterday. 
Your conversation was a delight as was my session.
Your a delightfull person easy to speak to and relax with.
i thought i was being tough by saying it didnt hurt so much, for that that i am sitting on a pillow. 
Feeling relaxed and not so stressfull could have taken more with no problem.
i  will being doing much better in MATH in the future. 
After all its hard to solve a math problem when your backside is being reddened.
i  hope to see you soon. 
Thank you again  
niece dee

I just would like your readers to know that I have visted HydroMadam in New York City on two occasions now and have totally enjoyed the experience.
She never looks at the clock and the session is NEVER rushed.
She obviously loves what she is doing and treats you like her only patient.....or bad young boy.etc.
...'K' from New York
Not until now had I ever heard of this - hydro therapy. This great Lady from New Yourk is a specialist in this interesting, alternative therapy that has it's good side-effects. It is brilliant too for making bad boys into good little ones again!
This lady GENEVIVE is a skilled Hydro-Therapist, but she's also a Massage Therapist. No doubt, you will be in professional hands here! Interesting, quite unusual and personal site.

Hi Beth; Happy holidays. I have had occasion to meet HydroMadam who is linked through you. She is absolutely fabulous. I have never met a more interesting, caring, considerate or knowledgeable woman in the scene. And she is a LOT of fun
Another note from a Lovely Lady visitor
i did have a wonderful time surprisingly, i'm thankful that i experienced it with a caring warm person like u.
i just wanted to thank u for this afternoon it was pleasant and painful.
Maybe, just maybe i'll try taking an enema.
Seeing that bag in you're bathroom brought back memories for me and showing me the different nozzles.
At least i know i can handle the spankings, well sort of.
You're were kind and understanding and i just want to thank you for making my first spanking memorable. 
Sorry about the squirming butt it hurt but felt good. the next day i was so stress less and feeling great...
Have a great Thanksgiving
niece mary

Dear Mrs. Genevive, This is just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed my visit last Friday.
You were terriffic!!! The variation in enemas were especially fun. The retention enemas devine. Only wish I had all day :)
A note from a Lovely Lady visitor
Subj: Thankyou! 
Dear Mrs Genevive, Thank you so much for a wonderful visit.
Your gentle but firm treatment was a wonderful experience. Thank you for the well deserved discipline - my buttocks were beautifully warm by the time you inserted the thermometer into my anus, and the lubricating massage with jelly that extended right around to my clitoris was extremely arousing.
I guess you knew that I would then gladly submit to the series of enemas that followed! I was certainly more than ready for them. I had never experienced an enema in the knee chest position with a doulble baloon nozzle before, but I found it very exciting, and by the time came for the second enema, lying on my back with legs raised, I could not contain my pleasure, and experienced some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.
The sensation was the same when you intoduced those various nozzles, and that wonderful vibrating toy.
Most importantly I felt very safe, and quite at ease in 'letting go' and truly enjoying every minute of my time with you.
I recommend any woman who feels the need for a warm, caring and truly orgasmic experience should visit you. I certainly will next time I am in new York!
Thank you again, and warmest regards
Subj: My Visit to NYC, May.
Dear Mrs Genevive, Just a quick note to say thankyou for a truly excellent session the other day. You are very skilled at what you do and your abililty to tune into what is going on in my body and take me to my limits was impressive. I will have to make a return visit sometime as it would be well worth flying across the pond for a bit more indulgence!!!! Take care and thank you once again. 
Best Regards
New York Enema Some time ago, I asked you all for help in finding an enema nurse in New York. Here's what happened: One of your readers sent me the email address for Nurse Genevive in New York. Before leaving for the Big Apple, I began corresponding with Genevive at We arranged an appointment for my last night in town. Genevive's studio was two blocks from my hotel in midtown Manhattan. I walked over there and met her in a nicely appointed studio for her enema work. Genevive was all dressed up in white nurse's uniform complete with white nylons, shoes and cap. She is middle-aged and on the plump side and she is very nice and caring. If you like a warm, motherly enema, she is the person to go to. She had me get undressed and lie on the massage table while she got the enema ready. When she returned, she hung up the bag, put on her rubber gloves, then got out a rectal thermometer, lubbed it, and gently inserted it, holding it in with her hand across my butt. She took it out, shook down the thermometer, and put it in again. It felt wonderful. She then told me I needed to be lubricated and examined. She poured some liquid mineral oil on my anus (I was lying on my belly), then inserted her finger. She worked her finger deep inside me and gave me a deep prostate massage, extremely exciting. Then,with her finger inside me, she inserted the enema nozzle. She used a plain red two-quart drug store combination hot water bottle syringe with the standard douche nozzle. She had filled the bag with hot soapy water so I could get a good deep cleansing. She slid the nozzle in and out as she filled me, and rubbed my butt cheeks with her free hand. I had a major ejaculation on the table. I took the whole bag, then headed for the toilet. Meanwhile, she refilled the red bag. She examined me again, exciting me some more and opening me wide with two fingers inside. Then she gave me a plain water enema while lying on my back to rinse out the soap and to prepare me for the climax. After I dumped the rinse water, she took me back to the table and told me this time she was going to use her black bag. She came back a few minutes later with a giant black rubber fountain syringe filled with four quarts of warm water. She had bought the black enema bag from Beth Tyler. It had a long thick black rubber nozzle. She ordered me on my left side, lubricated me again, then slid in the nozzle. I took as much as I could but I had her stop after three quarts. When I had arrived, I was really constipated and not feeling in top form. When I left, I felt great! I have very happy memories of New York. I only wish Genevive lived in San Francisco.
Subj: Thanks! I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the wonderful experience in New York. Your skills with bag, hose, and gloves are phenomenal! Anyway, we had a great trip and arrived home safely Sunday. Next time I'm in New York, we'll get together for another visit.
 Hi Mrs. G, Just wanted to tell you that the session we had yesterday was delightful. I enjoyed it very much. It brought back some splendid memories. I appreciated that you were both firm and motherly. You certainly showed expertise during the entire session
Subj: Re: Thank You From: B To: HydroMadam Nurse Genevieve: I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful time I had yesterday. It was better than I ever imagined...Boy, did I love it! I hope we can get together in the near future and you can introduce me to the world of advanced rectal discipline and exploration. Thanks again and I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. Your eager patient,

HydroMadam I just wanted to thank you for the discipline. It was exciting to hear you speak with your friend in front of me...maybe next time I could answer her questions directly on the phone. Needless to say, I'm using a cushion to sit on but it reminds me of what you instructed me. Look forward to our next meeting. newsub973

HydroMadam delivers the best enema/anal play I have ever had. She really seems to enjoy this type of play.
Nurse Genevive,
I visited you several weeks ago, and never wrote to thank you for the wonderful session.
It was certainly great to begin my workday after seeing you. I still continue to be intrigued by medically themed scenarios, that all end the same way *grin*, with one of your toys deep inside me. Maybe in our next session, you can wear a surgical mask. If it's not uncomfortable, of course. Perhaps you can also pretend to administer a sedative. I don't know, I'm just throwing ideas around. Anyway, I hope all is well, and I hope to see you again in the near future.
I just wanted to thank you for the discipline. Needless to say, I'm using a cushion to sit on but it reminds me of what you instructed me. Look forward to our next meeting.
Thanks from A

Have seen HydroMadam . Excellent at enemas and anal play.
hi hope all is ok after the black out good thing my appointment did not happen at that time thanks for everything you are fantastic have a great day

********Best Enema in N Y City     I happened upon Mistress Genevives (also known as HydroMadam) web page by accident ( As I read further I was pleased to find that Her interests included enemas, dildo training, CBT, NT and sissy training. All favorites of mine. By the way Her web site contains great photos of Mistress at play with several very fortunate submissives. After some consideration I resolved to make an appointment. I was greeted warmly as I entered Her studio. Mistress spoke softly yet it was very clear that She was in charge. I was asked to shed my clothing then Mistress put on a pair of rubber gloves and examined me closely. During the examination Mistress pinched my nipples then forced my member to full attention as I bit my lip and sighed with delight. I was next told to approach the bed and rest on my hands and knees, my ass pointing North and my legs as far apart as possible. Mistress approached then slowly introduced one lubricated finger into my anal pucker then a second and later still a third. Before withdrawing Her fingers, Mistress slowly massaged my prostate as I moaned loudly. Mistress informed me that She was to use a double ballooned nozzle on me this afternoon. She inserted the tube then slowly inflated the inner balloon filling me to the max. As I squirmed, Mistress inflated the outer balloon trapping me within this devilish device. For extra measure Mistress laughed then gave the inner balloon a few extra pumps. I next heard that unmistakable click and felt the warm rush of water invading me. In a minute I began to have cramps. Mistress turned off the flow then massaged my stomach. A sensation I thoroughly enjoyed. In another moment it was back to work as Mistress introduced more water into my already distended belly. After about twenty very memorable minutes of clicks, cramps and massages,I had reached my limit. All during this time Mistress spoke softly to me, encouraging me to expand my limits and go further. Had it not been for this encouragement and Her firm demeanor, I certainly would have given up a long time ago. In the end, I was able to accept two quarts, which for me was a personal best. Mistress deflated both balloons then withdrew the double balloon nozzle. To my surprise Mistress again inserted Her finger then a second as I struggled to retain the enema. Mistress again massaged my prostate. The contrast in sensations--- my overfull belly ready to pop versus the sheer delight of the prostate massage made me quiver. Mistress continued Her massage as I pleaded to be allowed to void the water. Again She encouraged me to continue as I valiantly fought to retain the fluid while at the same time savored the richness of Her intimate massage. After an eternity in subspace Mistress allowed me to void the water. That first gush produced an overpowering feeling of relief ---but enough of that as I am sure you get the picture. When I returned to Her playspace, Mistress has assembled a large assortment of insertional devises for me to gaze upon. Mistress said nothing as my eyes darted from one item to another---each varying in size and length. Several of Her devises were of a size that made me think, no way in hell will that ever fit inside me. Mistress had me again assume the position, on my hands and knees ass pointed North. Slowly I felt pressure as a small dildo my most intimate region. After several minutes of insertion/withdraw I was startled as I came to find that that the dildo vibrated---lucky me. Mistress withdrew the dildo then inserted an even larger version. I gasped to accept the intruder as Mistress again offered soft words of encouragement. After an eternity She withdrew the monster dildo and I was allowed to collapse on to the bed ---thoroughly drained, wonderfully satisfied and deep in subspace. After a few moments of rest and reflection, I dressed then knelt and asked to kiss Her feet as a sign of respect. As I rose, Mistress gave me a warm hug---God that felt so good. As I walked down the street I marveled at the richness of the meeting. I was amazed at how deeply we connected and how far She had pushed my limits---not with brute force but with the power of Her words and the aura of Her dominance. I was also amazed that our session had lasted far longer than I bargained for. Mistress Genevive, I thank You for a wonderful first meeting. Please be assured that I will visit again soon. I adore Your gentle form of dominance and am writing this tribute to You in a public forum in the hope that my fellow submissives might also share the wealth of my first visit. Please be well and thank You again.